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The Mauser Archive The Mauser Archive

by Jon Speed
Deluxe First Edition, 2007
576 pages, 870 illustrations

All the previously available information on Mauser sporting arms has already appeared in the author's two previous Collector Grade titles: Mauser: Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles (1997) and Mauser Smallbores: Sporting, Target & Training Rifles (1998). After their publication the author felt that no more significant discoveries remained to be made in this field, as any further factory documentation had presumably been lost or destroyed.

However, recently there have been two miraculous discoveries. First, hundreds of previously unpublished company documents have been located, which give us unprecedented insight into the workings of the Mauser firm almost from its inception right through both World Wars and the French occupation period. These include actual production and sales data, inventory lists, and cost and sale price calculations for all types of Mauser products - black powder arms, pistols, military arms (the Standard Modell, the K98k, the MG81 and MG151 and the Flak 38), centrefire hunting, sporting and target rifles, .22 sporting, target and training rifles, pressure test units, and more.

Secondly, some 300 fragile glass plate negatives have miraculously survived, which depict a variety of hitherto unknown Mauser sporting models in their original configurations. Many embody features not often encountered, and include rare prototypes and in-the-white or low-serial-numbered examples of most early and later Mauser .22 rifle models, Sch├╝tzen-style, Wehrmanns and Einheits target rifles, and some never-before-seen factory-engraved and custom rifles. The book ends with a selection of full-colour views of high-grade Mauser sporters, many with special features, from the world's finest collections.

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Colt's New Service Revolver Colt's New Service Revolver

by Timothy J Mullin
Deluxe First Edition, 2009
296 pages, 394 illustrations, 258 in color

The Colt New Service revolver was manufactured from 1898 through 1943 in a number of commercial and military models, with standard and Target versions offered in the civilian models. Over 356,000 were made, in a total of eleven standard chamberings. Experimental models were also made up in .22 rimfire, .22 Hornet, and .41 Special. Examples of all these models and chamberings are depicted and discussed.

In addition to the standard versions of each model, which were available in blue or nickel finish with 4-1/2", 5-1/2" or 7-1/2" barrels (7-1/2" standard on the Target Models), a variety of special-order features were available. These included special finishes (gold and/or silver plating); various grades of factory engraving; and grips of ivory, mother-of-pearl or stag, either plain, checkered, or carved, usually with steer head or eagle motifs.

The 165 distinct model/versions depicted include some really rare and interesting New Services, beginning with serial nos. 0 and 1, plus the very first Target Old Model and numerous other factory special orders with custom features, including specially-marked versions as used by the U.S. Border Patrol and various police agencies.

In addition to a brief historical introduction and individual chapters on each of the models, including the top-of-the-line Shooting Master and the radically bobbed "Fitz Specials", plus chapters on Famous Users and Aftermarket Modifications, the author presents expert commentaries and reasoned analyses throughout on the value and usefulness of the New Service in the field and as a personal defense weapon, plus frank critiques and comparisons with contemporary Smith & Wesson products.

The Colt New Service is one of today's hottest collectibles, with auction sales consistently realizing the high catalog estimates or better. Here is a well-reasoned, entertaining and profusely-illustrated guide to these popular revolvers - the most complete study of the New Service ever published.

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