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Collector Grade Publications Gun and War books The Browning Machine Gun Volume 1-Rifle Caliber Brownings in U.S.Service

by Dolf L Goldsmith
Deluxe First Edition, 2005
552 pages, 568 illustrations

This is the first volume of a planned multi-volume series on Browning machine guns, written by an ex-U.S. Army armorer who studied and maintained these guns and has since owned and shot a number of them in civilian life.

This profusely illustrated history covers all models of the U.S. Browning, from the first "gas hammer" Model 1895 and the initial recoil-operated Models of 1901 and 1910, through the adoption and manufacture of the famous water-cooled heavy Model 1917 during World War I and the numerous Interwar experimental tank and aircraft guns, most of which were built up on surplus M1917 receivers.

Tank and cavalry experiments led to the development of the air-cooled M1919A4 infantry gun, while Colt's heavy investment in the Browning system paid off handsomely in the lightweight, fast-firing, dual-feed M2 aircraft machine gun, which was sold commercially and made in large numbers during World War II.

Existing stocks of the M1917 water-cooled gun were meanwhile retrofitted to the improved M1917A specification, and the failed Ordnance Department light machine gun competition, discussed in detail, resulted in the compromise M1916A6.

The history of Browning manufacture by Rock Island Arsenal, Saginaw Steering Gear and other contractors is followed by chapters recounting the heroic use of the Browning in WWII and Korea, and all subsequent variations, such as the M1919A4E1, the T151, T152, T153 and M37 tank gun, until these fine guns were phased out after the adoption of the general-purpose M60 in 1957.

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Collector Grade Publications Gun and War books The Browning Machine Gun Volume II -Rifle Caliber Brownings Abroad

by Dolf L. Goldsmith
Deluxe First Edition 2006
392 pages, 486 illustrations

This second volume of Dolf Goldsmith's series on Browning machine guns proves beyond doubt that the rifle-caliber Browning was simply the most popular and most-used machine gun ever designed.

In some ways this book is even more engrossing than Volume I, as it describes and illustrates in considerable detail the many variations on the basic Browning which were manufactured and/or used by over twenty countries, in virtually every corner of the world, in both World Wars, in Korea and in Vietnam.

Of particular interest is the focus on the aircraft Browning, beginning in the Interwar years, in Britain and particularly in Belgium, where Dieudonné Saive, John Browning's erstwhile chief assistant, twice increased the rate of fire of the FN Browning aircraft machine gun, first in 1932 to 1,200 rpm and again in 1938 to 1,500 rpm, in order to keep pace with the ever-faster airspeeds of the best new fighters and pursuit aircraft.

It may seem strange to feature an aircraft, even one so famous as the British Spitfire, one of the best all-round fighters of World War II, on the cover of a book about Browning machine guns. However there are really eight Browning machine guns in this picture!

As discussed in Chapter Two of this book, the crucial decision to equip each British fighter with eight Brownings was of no less than monumental importance. On this subject the late Col. George M. Chinn USMC (ret.), the author of the authoritative five-volume series of books titled The Machine Gun, commented decisively,

"Students of warfare are generally in agreement that the most far-reaching single military decision made in the 20th century was when a small group of British officers, shortly before World War II, decided to mount eight caliber .303 Brownings on their Hurricane and Spitfire fighters. This single act undoubtedly brought about a turning point of the war".

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