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Founded in 1979, Collector Grade Publications is now in its 42nd continuous year of publishing important reference gun books on the world's most influential modern small arms.

Each Collector Grade title is logically arranged and profusely illustrated, and is presented on quality paper in a deluxe casebound cover with printed endpapers and a laminated coloured dustjacket, with sewn-in pages in every book. This combination of critically-acclaimed in-depth material and deluxe presentation is your assurance that Collector Grade publications are, truly, the finest gun books in the world.


Sturmgewehr STURMGEWEHR! From Firepower to Striking Power--REVISED AND EXPANDED 2017 EDITION
by Hans-Dieter Handrich. See Bookshelf #3 for more details and ordering.
MP-40 The Schmeisser Myth - German Submachine Guns Through Two World Wars
by Martin Helebrant. See Bookshelf #3 for more details and ordering.

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Gun Book Reviews and Testimonials:

"Collector Grade Publications have set a standard for their books stretching back over a number of notable works. Their books are few in number each year and are invariably specialised studies aimed at the serious collector and student....the very nature of the books and the standing of the publisher invite a most critical approach because it has come to be expected that these will be reliable text books".
Colin Greenwood, Guns Review, UK

“For those who want to get a better understanding of the circuitous history of this great design, this Collector Grade Publications book [Full Circle—A Treatise on Roller Locking] should be the ideal reference for your library.”
Mike Humphries, Field Editor, Shooting Illustrated

“. . this outstanding reference [The Browning Machine Gun Volume I] will be the definitive book on American Brownings for some time to come.”
Mark A Keefe IV, Editor, American Rifleman

“This book [Kalashnikov—The Arms and the Man] is the basic English language reference for this story and a good read as well.”
Michael E Bussard, American Rifleman

Kalashnikov—the Arms and the Man – “there is so little in print on this subject that this inclusion alone [historical background material on Russian arms] should make this book a ‘must have’ for arms collectors.”
Robert W Fisch, Curator of Arms, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

“Concerning the Sturmgewehr title, it is outstanding! . . The author has done a superb job of presenting technical and historical information that has never fully been addressed. . . I think you have set a new benchmark with Sturmgewehr [From Firepower to Striking Power] that will be hard to beat.”
Edward M Owen, BATF Chief Firearms Examiner (ret’d)

“A lot of books have been written about the StG44; however, most of them were derived from faulty wartime Allied intelligence reports. So even if you have them all-or perhaps especially if you have them all-you need this book [Sturmgewehr—From Firepower to Striking Power].”
Glenn M Gilbert, American Rifleman

“[The Black Rifle] is, in my opinion, the definitive work on the history of the M16, far surpassing anything that I have previously seen on this subject. You have not only presented the facts accurately, but perhaps even more importantly in my personal view, you have done no injustice to the participants. In these respects, your book is uniquely praiseworthy.”
William C Davis Jr, AR-15 Project Director, Frankford Arsenal (ret’d)

“All in all, Black Rifle II—the M16 into the 21st Century, is a worthy companion to the first volume, which is itself a classic of the genre. It will undoubtedly appeal to anyone with an interest in the latest developments in Eugene Stoner’s AR-15/M16 family of rifles.”
Glenn M Gilbert, American Rifleman

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