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Collector Grade Publications Gun Books - Crown Jewels Crown Jewels: The Mauser in Sweden - A Century of Accuracy and Precision
by Dana Jones

312 pages, 691 illustrations

Here is the first in-depth study of all the Swedish Mausers - the 6.5mm m/94 carbines, m/96 long rifles, m/38 short rifles, Swedish K98Ks (called the m/39 in 7.92x57mm, then, after rechambering to fire the 8x63mm machinegun cartridge, the m/40); sniper rifles, and other military adaptations such as grenade launchers and artillery simulators.

Then the focus shifts to the experimental prototypes and trial match rifles of the 1950s - some in .30-'06 - and finally to the precision competition rifles which became famous around the world. These include the CG 63 and its two military versions, the m/6 and m/7; the folding-stock CG 62 and the CG 63S Biathlon rifles; the CG 63E, which was approved by the British National Rifle Association; the CG 63 Junior Rifles in .22LR calibre; and the later match rifles such as the FFV 67 and CG 80.

The Swedish 6.5x55mm m/94 cartridge, one of the most accurate military rounds ever designed, was further improved in 1941 by the adoption of the excellent m/41 boat-tailed "torpedo" bullet, and numerous loadings are depicted and discussed.

We also cover a wide variety of the micrometer-adjustment rear sight inserts and "diopter" receiver sights which were produced in order to allow shooters to take full advantage of the accuracy and precision of the Swedish Mauser. Full chapters on bayonets and the many accessories, both military and civilian, conclude.

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The Last Enfield‹SA80 by Collector Grade Publications Gun Books
The Last Enfield-SA80, the Reluctant Rifle
by Steve Raw

Deluxe First Edition, 2003
360 pages, 382 illustrations

In typical Collector Grade fashion, this book presents the entire, in-depth story of its subject firearm, in this case the controversial British SA80, right from the founding of what became the Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) Enfield in the early 1800s; briefly through two World Wars with Enfield at the forefront of small arms production for British forces; and covering the adoption of the 7.62mm NATO cartridge in 1954 and the L1A1 rifle in 1957. That's where this book begins to differ from the normal saga of a successful small arms development, for even though the SA80 has been the issue small arms system of the British Armed Forces for almost twenty years, the controversies surrounding it have never let up.

The 5.56mm SA80, consisting of the L85A1 IW (individual weapon) and L86A1 LSW (light support weapon), was the last weapon system to be developed and produced at RSAF Enfield, which was closed down in 1988 and later turned into a housing estate. Ironically, the brand-new Royal Ordnance facility in Nottingham, purpose-built to manufacture the remainder of the SA80 contract, suffered the same sad fate within a decade.

Meanwhile, Heckler & Koch GmbH, then a subsidiary of British Aerospace, were awarded a controversial £92M contract which saw the entire small arms arsenal of the British Armed Forces shipped to Germany for modification and retrofit into the L85 and L86 A2 versions.

While it appears that the unpopular LSW is being phased out in favour of the belt-fed FN Minimi, no plans have yet been announced to replace the L85A2 IW.

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